Changes in Workplace Laws in 2019

As the New Year begins, Californians can look forward to a variety of changes in workplace laws. Some of the most important changes for readers to be aware of include:

Minimum Wage Changes

Minimum wage is changing in California thanks to SB 3. Under the new law, minimum wage will now be $11 per hour at companies with 25 employees or less. Companies with more than 25 employees will now offer $12 per hour.

Overtime for Agricultural Workers

AB 1066 will mandate that agricultural workers will receive overtime pay. The new law will slowly increase wages for extra hours worked over a period of four years.

Street Vendors

In 2018, laws were passed to protect street vendors as they sell. New law SB 946 will give local authorities the ability to set regulations for street vendors based on safety, health, and public welfare.

Protection Against Lawsuits in Cases of Harassment Complaints

AB 2770 is a new law offering protection for victims of sexual harassment and their employers. Under this new law, alleged harassers cannot sue the victim or an employer for defamation while an investigation is being conducted.

Confidentiality Agreements

SB 820 is a new measure prohibiting confidentiality agreements in cases involving assault, sexual harassment, or discrimination. The law goes into effect for any case signed as of January 1, unless the claimant requests the provision be included.

Breastfeeding at Work

AB 1976 is a new law that requires employers to make “reasonable efforts” to provide a place for breastfeeding that is not inside a bathroom.

Waiver of Legal Claims

New law SB 1300 prohibits employers from forcing employees seeking a raise, or new employees, to waive their right to file a legal claim. Employees can still waive their right under an agreement, but employers cannot force them to do so.